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Chris Ossig has been providing exceptional sound services to local bands in Central Oregon. It's always important to have a dedicated sound engineer who can work closely with the band to ensure a great performance. It's also great to know that venues appreciate the attention to detail and noise control. Keep up the good work!

* Matt Borden

* Austin Lindstrom

* Kristi Kinsey and the Whiskey Bandits

* JUJU EyeBall

* Bobby Lindstrom

* Olivia Knox

* Countryfied

Cheyenne West

* Kurt Silva

* Derck Michael Marc

* The Old Revival

* Mosley Wotta

* Westside Church

* Axis Chruch

* Rodeo's

* Worthy Brewery (Bend Roots Festival)

* First Presbyterian Church

* The Blacksmith

* General Duffy's

* Northside


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