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Chris Ossig has worked with many local bands in Central Oregon. Many have chosen us to use us because of the one-on-one service we provide to make their shows sound amazing. Many of them see the difference between having someone else run sound while the band focuses on the performance. Not only does the band like working with us, but venues also like working with us. As we will check in with the venue to make sure it sounds good and also keep the noise level to perfection.

* Matt Borden

* Austin Lindstrom

* Kristi Kinsey and the Whiskey Bandits

* JUJU EyeBall

* Bobby Lindstrom

* Olivia Knox

* Countryfied

Cheyenne West

* Kurt Silva

* Derck Michael Marc

* The Old Revival

* Mosley Wotta

* Westside Church

* Axis Chruch

* Worthy Brewery (Bend Roots Festival)

Call us to customize a package that works for you
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